neděle 8. května 2011

BITB-R-02: K!amm - The Hit Parade Of Burning Heart (mixtape)

K!amm's mixtape originally made for His Voice magazine. You can listen here or - for your own and your beloved ones' pleasures - download here. Few cd-r copies were made for closest friends and KLaNGundKRaCH and Blood In The Boat supporters.


1. Falco & Opus: Rock Me Amadeus

2. Mixthatshitmate (k!amm, Head in Body & Elsa Aids): Alexandr Flek Meets Lucifer On His Journey To Holy Land (Alexandr Flek: Chraň své srdce, Caboladies: Reweaving The Charity Basket, Oneothrix Point Never: Memory Vague, Bobby Beausoleil: Lucifer Rising, Former Ghosts: I Wave)

3. Coil: Triple Sun + Violet: Green (part B) & Let The Sunshine In (part 4) + Throbbing Gristle: Blood On The Floor

4. Depeche Mode: Never Let Me Down Again + Sister Iodine: Napelmee & You Laccerate

5. Swans: Helpless Child + James Ferraro: Son of Dracula (side 1) + Roky Erickson: Love To See You Bleed

6. Pink Floyd: Vegetable Man

7. Johann Hölzel’s Last Ride (Hiss Nausea remixed by k!amm)

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